Construction of IMKAN’s Rabat-based flagship project—Le Carrousel advances with first phase

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Construction of IMKAN’s Rabat-based flagship project—Le Carrousel advances with first phase

IMKAN, makes strides in the construction of Le Carrousel; a mixed-use project located on the Moroccan capital, Rabat’s, stunning waterfront.

A high-end destination on the coast of the capital city; construction of Le Carrousel began early this year with its first phase due for completion in the third quarter of 2022. The 300-million-dirham construction contract for the first phase was awarded to SOGEA MAROC, the subsidiary of the French Group Vinci, who has been entrusted to build the residential areas, seafront promenade including over 40 retail outlets across the coastal development.

A key player in the Moroccan construction industry, SOGEA MAROC has finalised the earthworks of the Le Carrousel project and has begun laying the foundation of the development. The project’s model residential apartment is also under construction and is on track to be delivered by September 2020.

Along with the development’s first phase on track for completion in 2022, the French construction company has seen all milestones delivered timely so far as per IMKAN’s construction pipeline. Continuing this steady progress, SOGEA MAROC remains a vital partner to the seamless delivery of Le Carrousel.

As part of the health and safety measures in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Morocco, the Le Carrousel construction site has been equipped with all of the necessary safety and hygienic protocols aligned with local government regulations.

Situated off the Atlantic coast covering 10 hectares, the sea-side destination provides a unique 360-degree experience for both its residents and visitors with only 50% density and more than 30% of the development’s land reserved for green spaces.

Featuring refined residences within an exclusive private community including a seafront promenade, boutique hotel and the first open-air shopping mall in Morocco, Le Carrousel is set to become one of the leading destinations in the country and has become an integral part of the development of the Rabat Corniche.

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